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Edwards, C. and Linehan, D
City of Difference: Mapping Social Exclusion in Cork
Cork City Council
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Cork City Social Exclusion Urban Inequality

Based upon the 2002 census, this report maps the key demographic, social and economic characteristics of Cork city. Concerned primarily with questions of social inclusion, the report builds upon a number of studies previously undertaken in Cork, in order to clarify trends and issues which continue to affect the life experience of the inhabitants of the city. These studies include The Northside Study (1990) and the Report on the Economic, Social and Cultural Situation in Cork City (2001), Imagine Our Future (2003) and other key documents. Throughout these studies, it has been acknowledged that social exclusion in Cork is a layered process, related not only to lack of material resources but also people’s inability to participate in economic, social, political and cultural life. Barriers to social inclusion include obstacles to full participation in education and training, access to health, housing, culture, rights and job opportunities. Our hope is that this report will complement this work on social exclusion.
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