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Kelly, A.L. ;
2007 January
Cheese Problems Solved
What is the typical composition of cows' milk and what milk constituents favour cheesemaking? How do seasonal variations in milk composition affect cheese quality? What are milk salts and how do they affect the properties of cheese? What are the compositions of other species' milks and how does this affect their cheesemaking properties? Why do elevated somatic cell counts cause difficulty in cheesemaking? Why must milk be standardised for cheesemaking? Why is cheesemilk usually pasteurised? What effects does pasteurisation have on cheesemilk? What potential uses do high hydrostatic pressure and high-pressure homogenisation have in cheesemaking? How may cheese be packaged? What products may be produced from whey? What are the differences between acid-curd cheese and fermented milks? (all above are 1-2 page entries in a multi-entry book)
Woodhead Publishers
Cambridge, U.K.
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