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Sliney, Aidan and Murphy, David and O'Mullane, John;
2009 Unknown
Serious Games on the Move
Secondary Assessment Data within Serious Games
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This paper presents an initial design of an assessment procedure within a personal junior doctor medical simulator (JDoc). It uses time-passed and trigger boxes to give the assessor the secondary information required to evaluate the user's actions effectively. Our objective was to enhance our understanding of the different forms of game design assessment and how relevant secondary information can be obtained from within serious games. Primary information, answers to questions, alone do not provide the assessor with sufficient information to evaluate a user correctly. The paper outlines background information about JDoc and the assessment procedures within that are used to collect and report all the required secondary information. Incorporating secondary information within the assessment process gives serious games another advantage over traditional formative testing.
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Otto Petrovic and Dr. Anthony Brand
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