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Dempsey, M., Clancy, M., & Dunne, S
PSI Annual Conference
Living with Depression: Intimate partners perspectives on depression
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Depression is estimated to affect 350 million people globally across all ages and communities. While it pivots to a large degree on intrapersonal issues, it does so within the context of a number of interpersonal systems including partner, family, friends. Research on partners perspectives on depression is limited. In exploring how partners of people coping with depression experience and understand depression, this study advances existing knowledge of the lived experience of depression. Twelve participants completed a brief demographic questionnaire and took part in semi structured individual interviews. Data were analysed using thematic analysis (TA). Findings indicate five primary themes as being of particular importance for partners of people coping with depression. These are, ‘filtering relationship through depression’, ‘coming to know’, ‘conceptualisation of depression and treatment’, ‘resilient self’ and ‘depression as an everyday negotiation’. Depression is a complex multifaceted issue which can be viewed through individual, familial, and societal lenses. When positioned within the context of an intimate relationship, depression is a challenging interpersonal experience which can facilitate personal growth and development and enhance relationship resilience.