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Lambert, S. Hardiman, S. & Ring, G.
5th National Child Protection & Welfare Conference Social Work
Adolescent Substance Abuse: Whose problem is it anyway?
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Adolescent Substance Abuse, Dual Diagnosis, Mental Health. Trauma Informed Practice
Adolescent substance misuse continues to dominate the global discourse on adolescent problematic behaviour and this is gaining momentum and intensity in Ireland. Research in this area has increased in the past two decades, (Waldron & Turner, 2008); most of this research has focused on treatment outcomes. At present the research on adolescent substance misuse in an Irish context is sparse, additionally research focusing on adolescent service user perspectives internationally is limited (Baker, 2007). Although research in other countries has increased, questions relating to the aetiology of substance misuse in this age group and successful treatment approaches remain unanswered. There is a trend to treat mental health and substance misuse as two separate problems when the research shows that they mutually contribute to each other and a better understanding of this would improve outcomes for children involved in these services. The research conducted using client files of 93 young people in the Cork-‐Kerry region identifies that best practice when working with young people should at a minimum involve working in the context of the family, collaborative inter agency and shared care planning. The intention of the study is to gain a greater insight into the life experience of adolescents misusing substances and the implication of this for professionals working in relevant areas of mental health, social work and justice. The importance of understanding the issue from the perspective of service users and their right to shape their care plans and the significance that this has on service design and delivery.
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