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Rory Scarrott, Declan Dunne, Helen Snaith, Ned Dwyer, Phillip Harwood, & Craig Donlon
CoastGIS 2015: Rich Data, Poor Data: Geospatial Creativity and Innovation for Managing Changing Coastal Systems
eSurge: Applying web-GIS technology to promote Earth Observation data exploration for storm surge research and forecasting
Protea Breakwater Lodge, Capt Town, South Africa
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Improving the resilience of our coastlines to storm surges should eventually bring enormous societal benefits, especially to some of the world’s poorest countries. Such improvement requires advances in (i) our under-standing of how these phenomena arise and behave, (ii) our understanding of how they contribute to coastal inundation, and (iii) our ability to and efficacy in forecasting them. However, researchers and forecasters remain reluctant to engage with and explore Earth Observation datasets. To encourage such exploration and engagement, the ESA-funded eSurge project deployed a Smart Atlas-based web-GIS within its online data viewing and access infrastructure, details of which are outlined here.
Marine Institute (IE) Networking and Travel Grants Programme