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Anweigi LM, Ziada HM, Allen PF. ;
Journal of Oral Rehabiliation
The clinical performance of hybrid bridges delivered by undergraduate dental students: a retrospective study
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The aim of this study was to retrospectively analyse the clinical performance of hybrid bridges and their effect on periodontal health. All the bridges in this study were delivered by undergraduate dental students at the University Dental School and Hospital Cork. The recall protocol took the form of a questionnaire and a full clinical examination of the abutments, retainers and contra lateral control teeth. In all, 22 patients with 25 bridges were examined. The periodontal response was generally favourable and soft tissue alteration was minimal. The outcome of the performance hybrid bridges is not encouraging, as 32% (8) of the bridges failed and 68% (17) were in service with a mean duration of clinical service of 48 months
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