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Ziada HM, Gavin D, Allen PF, O'Connor TP, Mehboob Ali KS.;
International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Custom made alar stents for nostril stenosis: a 24-month evaluation
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Nostril stenosis is an uncommon deformity and its aetiology is variable. The shape alteration and nostril asymmetry may have negative aesthetic and functional effects on nostril stenosis patients. Five patients were included in this study and followed up for 24 months; four of these had congenital nostril stenosis and one had an acquired deformity. Alar stent dilators were constructed from measured diameter of the affected nostril/s. The congenital nostril stenosis patients initially received a customised chairside soft nasal dilator (CCSND), which were later replaced with a customised laboratory rigid nasal dilators (CLRND). Treatment outcomes were evaluated using a questionnaire and a visual analogue scale to assess improvements in nostril breathing, comfort, appearance and satisfaction of the treatment provided by both types of dilators. There was improvement in nostril diameter with an average expansion of 7mm and this was stable at the desired diameter. The overall number of stents used to expand the tissues to the desired dimension ranged from 3 to 8 stents. Alar stent therapy is a conservative method to expand nostril tissues and has successfully maintained the nostril diameter for both acquired and congenital stenosis. This improvement in all parameters and the patients' satisfaction would make the custom-made nostril dilator in particular the CLRND a satisfactory treatment modality for congenital and acquired nostril stenosis.
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