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Lone M., McKenna J.P., Cryan J.F., Vagg, T., Toulouse A., Downer E.J.
New Horizons in Medical Research
Development of a Cranial Nerve Animation to Enhance Dental Student Learning
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University College Cork, Cork, Ireland
Animation is considered a resourceful teaching aid that is particularly applicable to teaching anatomy. Animation-usage has been employed to teach core content to the students across various disciplines, including chemistry, molecular and cell biology, medicine/surgery, computer graphics and simulation-based aeronautics. The use of graphics has been shown to aid externalization of internal memory, in addition to supporting group memory and recollection of the same idea or concept. The structure and function of the cranial nerves is a core topic for dental students, but due to the complexity of the topic, it is difficult to develop a good understanding by exclusively using textbooks and models. It is generally accepted that the acquisition of anatomical knowledge can be facilitated by visualization of structures.
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