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Kopke K, Bennison A, Doyle T
MARLISCO Marine Litter Forum In Ireland , Report as part of the MARine Litter in European Seas: Social AwarenesS and CO - Responsibility (MARLISCO)
University College Cork
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On the 2nd of April 2014, MaREI (University College Cork) hosted the first of 12 European MARLISCO Marine Litter Fora in the Morrison Hotel, Dublin, Ireland. The event was facilitated by Sean Moncrieff (professional journalist with Newstalk Radio) with a live audience of 40 participants and a virtual audience of 12 registered satellite groups who not only viewed the event but interacted via live webcast. UCC developed a common fora format to be used across Europe. The format include a number of aspects e.g. using a consensus approach, which is linked to higher quality decisions and greater satisfaction within a group and, in turn, better acceptance of group decisions and limits the number of fora teams working together to a maximum of five to keep the dialogue effective, as smaller teams are associated with higher performance and shorter decision making durations. The MARLISCO fora format was trialled and subsequently implemented in Ireland before being adopted in the subsequent events across Europe. The outcomes of the individual fora provide informed views about how to address Marine Litter issues in participating countries. Furthermore, the individual forum outputs are feeding into a summary document, which can provide a snapshot of informed stakeholder opinion on Marine Litter across Europe to the European Commission.
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FP - 7 project, grant agreement no [289042]