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N. A. Riza, M. J. Amin, M. N. Riza
Eye Vision Testing System and Eyewear Using Micromachines
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vision correction; ophthalmic examination; eyewear; eye test; low cost eyewear
Proposed is a novel eye vision testing system based on micromachines that uses micro-optic, micromechanic, and microelectronic technologies. The micromachines include a programmable micro-optic lens and aperture control devices, pico-projectors, Radio Frequency (RF), optical wireless communication and control links, and energy harvesting and storage devices with remote wireless energy transfer capabilities. The portable lightweight system can measure eye refractive powers, optimize light conditions for the eye under testing, conduct color-blindness tests, and implement eye strain relief and eye muscle exercises via time sequenced imaging. A basic eye vision test system is built in the laboratory for near-sighted (myopic) vision spherical lens refractive error correction. Refractive error corrections from zero up to 5.0 Diopters and 2.0 Diopters are experimentally demonstrated using the Electronic-Lens (E-Lens) and aperture control methods, respectively. The proposed portable eye vision test system is suited for children’s eye tests and developing world eye centers where technical expertise may be limited. Design of a novel low-cost human vision corrective eyewear is also presented based on the proposed aperture control concept. Given its simplistic and economical design, significant impact can be created for humans with vision problems in the under-developed world.
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