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Molloy C, McCarthy J, Tyrrell M
Clinical Ethics
The impact of an end-of-life healthcare ethics educational intervention
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Ethics, health professionals, end of life, education, moral reasoning
Abstract Background: The impact of healthcare ethics educational interventions on participantsí ethical development is rarely reported on and assessed; even less attention is paid to educational interventions that focus on end-of-life ethical issues. Aim: To evaluate the impact of the Ethical Framework for End-of-Life Care Study Sessions Programme (EOLCSS) on the moral development of healthcare staff who are delivering end-of-life care. Methods: The EOLCSS was delivered to 20 multi-disciplinary health care staff in Ireland in May 2013. Effect on moral reasoning was measured pre and post education using the Defining Issues Test 2 (DIT2). Inferential statistics were used to examine the relationships between change in DIT2 scores and demographic variables. Results: Participants experienced moral reasoning development following receipt of EOLCSS. Age and previous ethics education contributed to the observed changes in moral reasoning. Conclusions: Receipt of the EOLCSS may contribute to moral reasoning development in practicing healthcare professionals.
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