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Woods, D.;
Classical Quarterly
Strategius and the 'Manichaeans'
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This article offers a new argument defending the traditional identification of the Strategius named by Eusebius of Caesarea in his Vita Constantini with the Strategius Musonianus of Ammianus described by Ammianus Marcellinus in his Res Gestae, whom Constantius II appointed as his praefectus praetorio Orientis in 354. The argument also requires that we abandon any speculation concerning Strategius¿ command of a third language in addition to Latin and Greek. Not only are their names identical in both texts, but both attended church councils on behalf of Constantine I and reported to him concerning the same. Ammianus¿ statement that Constantine appointed Strategius to investigate the Manichaeans and similar sects is not meant to be taken literally. Rather it is a derogatory characterisation of church councils based on what Ammianus knew of them in the west by the end of the fourth century when various episcopal factions were accustomed to accuse their opponents of Manichaeism as a matter of routine.
Oxford, UK
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