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Nugent, Louise, & Scriven, Richard
Wells, Graves & Statues: Exploring the heritage & culture of pilgrimage in medieval & modern Cork city
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Pilgrimage, heritage, Cork city, religion, Christianity, Irish History
Wells, Graves & Statues tells the often underappreciated story of pilgrimage in Cork city, from medieval to modern times. By exploring former sites of pilgrimage, such as St Francis’s Well on the North Mall and Lady’s Well off Leitrim Street, and current sites, including St Fin Barre’s Cathedral, Nano Nagle’s Grave, and Our Lady of Graces in St Mary’s Pope’s Quay, this book sheds light on the important role of pilgrimage in the social, cultural, and religious life of Cork. It offers a distinct approach to the heritage of the city through an examination of the themes of pilgrimage and sacred sites that draws together different features of the urban landscape, and also provides context and discussion of their historical and contemporary significance.
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Cork City Council Local Heritage Publication Grant