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Prof. Gill, Robin
Review of The Bible in Music: A Dictionary of Songs, Works and More by Prof.Robin Gill in Theology."There is a small but growing number of recent books on the connection between religion and music. . The veteran biblical scholar John Sawyer and the Irish musicologist Siobhan Dowling Long have now added to this literature with their very helpful new dictionary. ..This is a dictionary to browse and enjoy. Its index of biblical references, for example, allows the reader to compare the ways that particular texts have been interpreted in different compositions. As befits a dictionary its entries are in alphabetical order so it is sometimes also rewarding to look at adjacent entries on a common theme but from very different historical eras. The two authors’ style of writing is accessible with technical terms explained carefully.This is emphatically a book written for a wide readership. ..[T]his dictionary will sit in a prominent position on my shelves waiting to be consulted again and again
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