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Prof. Apostplos-Cappadona, Diane.
Review of Bible Art Gallery. Journal of the Bible and its Reception. Three particular essays in this collection shine forth, at least to my reading and interests, in their relating of image and word, the illumination of contextual studies, and the managing of multiple influences on both artist and audience, that is, in the how of interpretation...Musicologist and religious educator Siobhan Dowling Long is the author of my third selection from this collection. In her analysis of Evaristo Baschenis’ Still Life with Musical Instruments, Long provides insights into the little-discussed symbolism of musical instruments in biblical paintings, if not in Western art more generally. As she carefully decodes the symbolism of the instruments present in this painting, the reader recognizes the correspondences between them and the human body. Thereby, both the author and earlier the painter advocated for the recognition that anatomy is theology and that the human condition is revealed in painting.
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