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P. J. Mc Carthy, W. Schneider, P. Martin;
The CLISTE Interpretive Equilibrium Code
Garching, Germany
Max Planck Institut fuer Plasmaphysik
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The CLISTE interpretive equilibrium code solves the Grad-Shafranov equation for

regularized source profiles under the constraint that a least squares fit to a set of experimental

signals is obtained. The code developed from the Garching Equilibrium Code, whose

functionality has been extended to enable predictive or interpretive modes of operation.

CLISTE can run in a comprehensive slow mode where the measurements may depend

nonlinearly on the free parameters, or a more restricted fast mode (whose algorithm is similar

to that of the well-known EFIT code) where the relationship between free parameters and

measurements must be linear. Novel features of the code include the ability to handle scrapeoff

layer currents (assuming ideal MHD force balance) and confidence band calculations for

profile quantities. Results are illustrated by a sample ASDEX Upgrade equilibrium.
Laboratory Report of the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics, Garching
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