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Mighell, AJ;Atkin, PA;Webster, K;Thomas, SJ;McCreary, CE;Healy, CM;Gibson, J;Crighton, AJ;Dawson, LJ;Smalley, JO;Allan, RB;Oliver, RJ;Pattrick, MG;Pemberton, MN;Theaker, ED;Poate, TW;Buchanan, JAG;Greenwood, M;Bee, D;Yates, JM;Crean, SJ;Napier, SS
European Journal of Dental Education
Clinical medical sciences for undergraduate dental students in the United Kingdom and Ireland - a curriculum
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The technical aspects of dentistry need to be practised with insight into the spectrum of human diseases and illnesses and how these impact upon individuals and society. Application of this insight is critical to decision-making related to the planning and delivery of safe and appropriate patient-centred healthcare tailored to the needs of the individual. Provision for the necessary training is included in undergraduate programmes, but in the United Kingdom and Ireland there is considerable variation between centres without common outcomes. In 2009 representatives from 17 undergraduate dental schools in the United Kingdom and Ireland agreed to move towards a common, shared approach to meet their own immediate needs and that might also be of value to others in keeping with the Bologna Process. To provide a clear identity the term 'Clinical Medical Sciences in Dentistry' was agreed in preference to other names such as 'Human Disease' or 'Medicine and Surgery'. The group was challenged to define consensus outcomes. Contemporary dental education documents informed, but did not drive the process. The consensus curriculum for undergraduate Clinical Medical Sciences in Dentistry teaching agreed by the participating centres is reported. Many of the issues are generic and it includes elements that are likely to be applicable to others. This document will act as a focus for a more unified approach to the outcomes required by graduates of the participating centres and act as a catalyst for future developments that ultimately aim to enhance the quality of patient care.
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