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Niu Z;Conejos-Sánchez I;Griffin BT;O'Driscoll CM;Alonso MJ;
Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews
Lipid-based nanocarriers for oral peptide delivery.
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This article is aimed to overview the lipid-based nanostructures designed so far for the oral administration of peptides and proteins, and to analyze the influence of their composition and physicochemical (particle size, zeta potential) and pharmaceutical (drug loading and release) properties, on their interaction with the gastro-intestinal environment, and the subsequent PK/PD profile of the associated drugs. The ultimate goal has been to highlight and comparatively analyze the key factors that may be determinant of the success of these nanocarriers for oral peptide delivery. The article ends with some prospects on the challenges to be addressed for the intended commercial success of these delivery vehicles.
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