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CHOICE: R. Hartsock, University of Texas
Review of The Bible in Music: A Dictionary of Songs, Works and More. . . .This volume by Long and Sawyer presents annotated descriptions of classical (oratorios, operas, sonatas) and non-classical (musicals, hymns, spirituals, pop, rock music) music. . . .In this first publication to annotate descriptions of vocal and instrumental pieces with Biblical associations, the compilers paid special attention to works by women composers. . . .The dictionary, arranged alphabetically by title or first line, uses German, Latin, French, Italian, or Hebrew titles. Entries include title, date, composer, and a description to help readers locate music that references specific texts or topics. . . .The chronology presents key events, works, and publications, while the glossary lists basic terms and some world-music terminology. The ‘Index of Biblical Names and Subjects’ and ‘Index to Biblical References’ (including the Apocrypha) prove quite useful. . . .Choir directors and vocal students will apprecia
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