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Birkett, Tom
Old Norse Poetry in Performance
Teaching Performance through the World-Tree Project’s Interactive Archive
University of Oxford
Invited Oral Presentation
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The World-Tree Project is the first large-scale community collection initiative in the field of Old Norse-Viking Studies, which aims to create an interactive digital archive of material relating to the Vikings and Norse culture. With its focus on multimedia teaching resources and its dedicated exhibition on ‘Performing the Viking Past’, the archive presents teachers from primary to third level with the opportunity to integrate performance with their curricula and to present Old Norse poetry ‘off the page’. This paper will introduce the project and its aims, and showcase some of the resources that we have collected relating to the performance of poetry, ranging from the colourful reconstruction efforts of Viking enthusiasts, to online pronunciation exercises, recitations and musical adaptations of Eddic poetry. The paper will also reflect on the value of using interactive digital resources in the classroom, and of involving the public in the performance of the past.
Irish Research Council