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Whelton H, Crowley E, O'Mullane D, Cronin M, Kelleher V
North South Survey of Children's Oral Health 2002 - preliminary results 2003
Department of Health & Children
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This report presents the results of the first contemporaneous North South study of the oral health of children and adolescents on the island of Ireland. The last National Survey of Children┐s Oral Health in the Republic of Ireland was carried out in 1984. The present study describes the oral health experience of children and adolescents in Ireland today. The results are of interest to the public, to policymakers and to service providers and will be of assistance in the evaluation of current oral health services and the planning of services for the next decade.

This preliminary report focuses on some of the primary aims of the North South Survey of Children┐s Oral Health which were to:

┐ Measure levels of oral health and treatment needs in children and adolescents in the Republic of Ireland (RoI) and Northern Ireland (NI) in 2001/┐02 and to compare these levels with those reported in regional surveys conducted in the 1990s and with national surveys conducted in 1961/┐63 and 1983/┐84
┐ Explore the relationship between disadvantage and oral health using medical card ownership (MC) in RoI and low-income benefits (LIB) in NI as surrogates for disadvantage
┐ Compare levels of dental caries and enamel opacities including dental fluorosis among children and adolescents in RoI and NI
┐ Investigate the use of fissure sealants, a treatment designed to prevent dental decay
┐ Measure the prevalence of accidental injuries to permanent front teeth

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