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Gerard Mullally and Tara Mullally;
Angels, Apostles and Acolytes: Social Intermediaries and the Emergent CSR Regime in Ireland, Report No 2/06, Programme for Research and Documentation for a Sustainable Society/ SUM, Oslo
Programme for Research and Documentation for a Sustainable Society (ProSus)
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CSR, Sustainability Reporting
The current report is part of the ongoing research at SUM-ProSus on various aspects of “Corporate Social Responsibility” (CSR). ProSus has previously conducted several assessments of CSR reporting for the 100 largest Norwegian firms. The project reported here involves an initial attempt at cross-national comparison of reporting practices. The countries monitored are Norway, the Netherlands and Ireland. The cooperating institution in the Netherlands is the Centre for Clean Technology and Environmental Policy (CSTM) at the University of Twente; and the institution in Ireland is the Cleaner Production Promotion Unit (CPPU), at the Department for Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Cork. The present report is written by Ger Mullally and Tara Mullally from the CPPU. Applying the assessment methodology developed by ProSus, they monitor and assess reporting in the 100 largest Irish firms, providing empirical data for further comparative analysis.
William M Lafferty and Audun Ruud
ISSN nr. 0806-8992
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