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Kozachenko, M., Fletcher, R., Sutton, G., Monteys, X., Van Landeghem, K., Wheeler, A., Lassoued, Y., Cooper, A. and Nicoll, C.;
A geological appraisal of marine aggregate resources in the southern Irish Sea. Technical report produced for the Irish Sea Marine Aggregates Initiative (IMAGIN) project funded under the INTERREG IIIA Community Initiative Programme 2000-2006.
University College Cork
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seabed mapping marine geology Irish Sea Marine Aggregates Sand Gravel Underwater Video Seismic Sampling

This report presents the results of the geological study undertaken by the Irish Sea Marine Aggregate Initiative (IMAGIN) project between 2005-2007. The IMAGIN project was funded under the Ireland/Wales INTERREG IIIA Community Initiative Programme 2000-2006.

The overall aim of the IMAGIN project was to facilitate the evolution of a strategic framework within which development and exploitation of marine aggregate resources from the Irish Sea may be sustainably managed with minimum risk of impact on marine and coastal environments, ecosystems and other marine users.

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