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Chu, Mark
2016 August
Cattivi.Cattivissimi.Cattivi? Sulle tracce di eroi criminali nelle narrazioni di genere. UK, USA, Italia
“Qui veut faire l’ange fait la bęte”. Il commissario cattivissimo di Marco Vichi
Mimesis Edizioni
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crime fiction criminal hero Italian literature (21st century) detective fiction giallo Vichi, Marco
La forza del destino (2011) is the fifth novel in the series by Marco Vichi (Florence, 1957) set in the 1960s and featuring as protagonist commissario Franco Bordelli of the Florence Questura. In the series, Bordelli, a veteran of the Reggimento San Marco, a special unit of the Italian Navy, who in the period 1943-1945 had fought against the Repubblica di Salň and the German occupation forces, is depicted as a police inspector concerned, of course, with bringing criminals to justice, but guided in his actions by, above all, a strong sense of social justice. In the fourth novel of the series, Morte a Firenze (2009), Bordelli had discovered the identity of the perpetrators of the brutal rape and murder of a young boy, but not only had he been unable to produce sufficient evidence to bring a case against the men, after the beating and rape of his companion and threats against the people closest to him, he had resigned from the police force. At the beginning of La forza del destino, he has sold his apartment in San Frediano and moved to a house in the countryside to the south of Florence, where he dedicates himself to long walks in the hills and woods, and to the cultivation of his vegetable plot. The move from city to countryside marks a new phase in Bordelli's life, but one in which he is forced to confront the ethical choices made previously when fighting Fascism and social injustice, and to forge from them a new morality which might be termed a form of 'rustic chivalry'.
Croci, Daniele; Monegato, Emanuele; Pasolini, Anna
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