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O’Mahony, C., Higgs, B., O’Sullivan, K., Kilcommins, S., Blackshields, D., Ryan. A.C., Griffin, C. and Duggan, T.
Teaching for transitions: a review of teaching for transitions related teaching and learning activity and research. Part 2 "A snapshot of Irish-based scholarly work and activity: Implications for impact
National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning
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This research examined the scholarship of teaching for transitions in the context of higher education in Ireland from a number of different perspectives. It examined the field of scholarship to identify those pedagogies related to the concept of transitions, which were defined as in, through and out of higher education. Working from a systematic review of the international literature, leading to the generation of a bibliography, the relevance and application of this scholarship to teaching practice in higher education was explored through focus groups. The visibility of Irish scholarship within the international bibliography of teaching for transitions was subjected to a further review and analysis. A surprisingly limited number of Irish records were returned which suggested that the visibility of existing Irish scholarly work may require further attention at local, national and international levels. A subsequent phase of work was initiated to gather examples of Irish-based work from conference proceedings, including the National Forum Seminar series and grey literature, these yielded 486 entries. Quantitative and thematic analysis of this body of work illustrated a number of interesting trends including an upward trend in output in the period from 2002 onwards with a doubling evident in 2010 and a peak in 2014 and 2015 influenced by the National Forum Seminar series on Teaching for Transitions. Thematic analysis of the entries of Irish scholarship in the data base showed that the most popular themes were e-learning, work-based learning, inclusive practices and first year experiences. Overall this research illustrates Irish scholarly work on Teaching for Transitions and provides a resource for educators, teachers and professionals in higher education. It also provides some instances for further reflection on the visibility and impact of Irish scholarship in higher education both locally and internationally.
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"Focused Research" Grant from National Forum