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O'Mahony, C., Rieckman, M., Matolay, R.
7th Living Knowledge Conference: Inspire Integrating community based partnership into learning and teaching for responsible research and innovation (RRI)
The Swap Shop approach to teaching innovation: embedding RRI in Higher Education
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The challenge of supporting students to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes that demonstrate Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) is being addressed by members of the H2020 ENRRICH project. RRI clusters a number of topics together, i.e. social justice, public engagement, science education, gender equality, ethics, open access, sustainability and governance. While this clustering is novel, there is already a great deal of expertise amongst Higher Education staff in addressing these topics, albeit individually. In the Swap Shop, participants are invited to share a pedagogical approach that addresses one or more of the RRI keys from their teaching, or that of a colleague/ leader in their field. They will then swap this during the workshop. The aim of the workshop is to uncover a range of approaches for renewing or developing courses and curricula to embed RRI, and to engage in peer evaluation of existing practices using the RRI lens.
H2020 SEAC2