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O'Mahony, C., Martin, E., McKenna, E. and Hally, R.
7th Living Knowledge Conference: Inspire Integrating community based partnership into learning and teaching for responsible research and innovation (RRI)
Rethinking educational policy to embed public and community engagement
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This session is aimed at people who are interested in developing policy to support students in higher education engaging with communities on research issues. The audience for this session his may include practitioners, academics, CSOs and students themselves who are trying to create spaces in the curriculum for engaged research. We will consider policy at all levels - so within higher education institutions themselves, at country level and at international level. The session will ask participants to reflect on the information gathered and lessons learned so far within the Enhancing Responsible Research and Innovation through Curricula in Higher Education (EnRRICH) project about how and where policy has been developed to support community engaged research. We hope they will consider this information from their own perspectives and knowledge and act as critical friends, but will also come away with ideas they can put into practice in their own contexts.
H2020 SEAC2