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Collins, G.; Rahme, K.; O’Connell, J.; Holmes, J. D.
Catalysis Science & Technology
Embedding colloidal nanoparticles inside mesoporous silica using gas expanded liquids for high loading recyclable catalysts
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The ability to tune the structural and chemical properties of colloidal nanoparticles (NPs), make them highly advantageous for studying activity and selectivity dependent catalytic behaviour. Incorporating pre-synthesised colloidal NPs into porous support materials remains a challenge due to poor pore wetting and permeability. In this report monodisperse, composition-controlled AgPd alloy NPs were synthesised and embedded into mesoporous silica SBA-15 using supercritical carbon dioxide and hexane. Impregnation resulted in a high metal loading without the requirement for surface pretreatments. The catalytic activity, reaction profiles and recyclability of the alloy NPs embedded in SBA-15 and immobilised on non-porous SiO2 are evaluated. The NPs incorporated within the SBA-15 porous network showed significantly greater recyclability performance compared to non-porous SiO2.
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