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Hally, R., Burns, K. and O'Mahony, C.
7th Living Knowledge Conference: Inspire Integrating community based partnership into learning and teaching for responsible research and innovation (RRI)
Building RRI Proficiency through Community Based Participatory Research
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PhD students at University College Cork are engaging in a novel initiative to develop their understanding of Responsible Research and Innovation. This initiative is part of the EnRRICH project (Enhancing Responsible Research and Innovation through Curricula in Higher Education), and will equip PhD researchers with the reflexivity to critique their research topics. Students will engage in a 5 credit module in partnership with the Westgate Foundation, a sheltered housing centre for senior citizens. The researchers and Westgate representatives will develop research questions which may be undertaken by students in subsequent academic years. This shared approach can lead to the identification of novel research questions, increase awareness of the limitations and possibilities for research, and result in mutually beneficial outcomes. The poster will provide details of the module, share findings from an evaluation of the initiative and make recommendations as to how similar initiatives may be embedded in Higher Education curricula.
H2020 SEAC2