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Savage, E., Harnett, G., Denieffe, S., Weathers, E., Hegarty, J., Mulligan, L., Condon, C., Fehin, P., FitzGerald, S., Marsh, L., McCarthy, B., Noonan, B., O Reilly, A., O’Shea, M., Wills, T., Clancy, M., Crosby, N., Herrity, L., Lyons, T., Sheehy, A., Thompson, E., Bergin, M., Finn, F., Madden, K., Wells, J. and Sheahan, L.
Clinical Systematic Literature Review to Support the Development of Best Practices in Nursing Documentation across Hospitals in the South/South West Hospital Group. Report prepared for South/South West Directors of Nursing Group.
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