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Faraz, Ahmad; Maity, Tuhin; Schmidt, Michael; Deepak, Nitin; Roy, Saibal; Pemble, Martyn E.; Whatmore, Roger W.; Keeney, Lynette
Journal of The American Ceramic Society
Direct visualization of magnetic-field-induced magnetoelectric switching in multiferroic Aurivillius phase thin films
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Multiferroics Magnetoelectrics Thin films ferroelectricity/ferroelectric materials ferromagnetism/ferromagnetic materials
Multiferroic materials displaying coupled ferroelectric and ferromagnetic order parameters could provide a means for data storage whereby bits could be written electrically and read magnetically, or vice versa. Thin films of Aurivillius phase Bi6Ti2.8Fe1.52Mn0.68O18, previously prepared by a chemical solution deposition (CSD) technique, are multiferroics demonstrating magnetoelectric coupling at room temperature. Here, we demonstrate the growth of a similar composition, Bi6Ti2.99Fe1.46Mn0.55O18, via the liquid injection chemical vapor deposition technique. High-resolution magnetic measurements reveal a considerably higher in-plane ferromagnetic signature than CSD grown films (MS = 24.25 emu/g (215 emu/cm3), MR = 9.916 emu/g (81.5 emu/cm3), HC = 170 Oe). A statistical analysis of the results from a thorough microstructural examination of the samples, allows us to conclude that the ferromagnetic signature can be attributed to the Aurivillius phase, with a confidence level of 99.95%. In addition, we report the direct piezoresponse force microscopy visualization of ferroelectric switching while going through a full in-plane magnetic field cycle, where increased volumes (8.6 to 14% compared with 4 to 7% for the CSD-grown films) of the film engage in magnetoelectric coupling and demonstrate both irreversible and reversible magnetoelectric domain switching.
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European Framework Programme Seven (FP7)