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Wall, D. M.,Straccialini, B.,Allen, E.,Nolan, P.,Herrmann, C.,O’Kiely, P.,Murphy, J. D.
Bioresource Technology
Investigation of effect of particle size and rumen fluid addition on specific methane yields of high lignocellulose grass silage
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Grass silage Anaerobic digestion Rumen fluid Particle size Biomethane
Abstract This work examines the digestion of advanced growth stage grass silage. Two variables were investigated: particle size (greater than 3 cm and less than 1 cm) and rumen fluid addition. Batch studies indicated particle size and rumen fluid addition had little effect on specific methane yields (SMYs). In continuous digestion of 3 cm silage the SMY was 342 and 343 L CH4 kg-1 VS, respectively, with and without rumen fluid addition. However, digester operation was significantly affected through silage floating on the liquor surface and its entanglement in the mixing system. Digestion of 1 cm silage with no rumen fluid addition struggled; volatile fatty acid concentrations rose and SMYs dropped. The best case was 1 cm silage with rumen fluid addition, offering higher SMYs of 371 L CH4 kg-1 VS and stable operation throughout. Thus, physical and biological treatments benefited continuous digestion of high fibre grass silage.
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