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Herrmann, Christiane,Kalita, Navajyoti,Wall, David,Xia, Ao,Murphy, Jerry D.
Bioresource Technology
Optimised biogas production from microalgae through co-digestion with carbon-rich co-substrates
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Algae Seaweed Co-digestion Ammonia inhibition C:N ratio
Abstract Microalgae can be used to upgrade biogas to biomethane and subsequently be digested for biogas production. However, the low C:N ratio of species such as Arthrospira platensis may cause ammonia inhibition and low process stability during anaerobic digestion. This study investigates co-fermentation of A. platensis with carbon-rich co-substrates (barley straw, beet silage and brown seaweed) at a C:N ratio of 25 to enhance biomass conversion. No synergistic effects on biomethane potential could be proven in batch fermentation tests. However continuous digestion trials showed significantly improved process stability. Mono-digestion of A. platensis was stable only at an organic loading of 1.0 g VS L-1 d-1. The optimum process co-digested A. platensis with seaweed and achieved stable operation at an organic loading of 4.0 g VS L-1 d-1. Co-digestion of microalgae and seaweed can be effectively applied to integrated coastal biomethane systems.
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