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Hardcastle WJ, Gibbon FE, Jones W;
British Journal of Disorders of Communication
Visual display of tongue-palate contact: electropalatography in the assessment and remediation of speech disorders.
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The technique of electropalatography (EPG) records the location and timing of tongue contacts with the hard palate during continuous speech. Recent developments in hardware and software design of the Reading electropalatograph are described and applications of the technique in assessment and remediation of a variety of speech disorders are outlined. In assessment, it is shown that EPG can provide insights into possible origins of auditorily perceived errors, and case descriptions illustrate how this information can lead to a more rationalised approach to treatment. In therapy, the provision of real-time visual feedback of tongue movement can be effective in the remediation of certain types of intractable speech problems. Finally, the importance of techniques such as EPG in the objective evaluation of treatment procedures is discussed in the light of the increasing demand for accountability within the speech therapy service.
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