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O'Mahony, F., O'Riordan, T.C., Papkovskaia, N., Ogurtsov, V.I., Kerry, J.P. and Papkovsky, D.B.;
8th Conference on Methods and Applications of Fluorescence "Fluorescence - Spectroscopy Imaging Probes"
Phase-fluorometric sensor system for non-destructive measurement of oxygen in a sealed vessel.
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Prague, The Czech Republic
Technological developments in biomedical microsystems are opening up new opportunities to improve healthcare procedures. Swallowable diagnostic capsules are an example of this. In this paper, a diagnostic capsule technology is described based on direct-access sensing of the Gastro Intestinal (GI) fluids throughout the GI tract. The objective of this paper is two-fold: i) develop a packaging method for a direct access sensor, ii) develop an encapsulation method to protect the system electronics. The integrity of the interconnection after sensor packaging and encapsulation is correlated to its reliability and thus of importance. The zero level packaging of the sensor was achieved by using a so called Flip Chip Over Hole (FCOH) method. This allowed the fluidic sensing media to interface with the sensor, while the rest of the chip including the electrical connections can be insulated effectively. Initial tests using Anisotropic Conductive Adhesive (ACA) interconnect for the FCOH demonstrated good electrical connections and functionality of the sensor chip. Also a preliminary encapsulation trial of the flip chipped sensor on a flexible test substrate has been carried out and showed that silicone encapsulation of the system is a viable option
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