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Tom Birkett
IASIL 2016
Chair and Organiser of the Session 'Digital Ireland: Transforming the Medieval Past'
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This panel address the challenges and possibilities that inhere in remediating Ireland’s medieval past by focusing on three ongoing research initiatives in the College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences. Dr Orla Murphy will present a paper on "Contextualising Knowledge and Making Meaning - Representation and Remediation of Ireland," highlighting the necessity for generating a profound digital literacy within our scholarship – moving beyond the surface website, to the creation of deeply meaningful sustainable digital objects as part of our research alongside more traditional publication. Dr Ruarigh Dale, post-doctoral researcher on the World-Tree Project, will report on one of the most recent digital initiatives in the field of Old Norse-Viking Studies, which uses the latest collection tools to crowd-source material on Ireland’s Viking heritage and to situate the literature of early medieval Ireland in an international context. Dr Dale’s paper “Collecting Ireland’s Viking Heritage with the World-Tree Project” will discuss the opportunities for community collection to bridge the gap between academic and public interest in the medieval past, and the challenges faced in reconciling desire for access to literary heritage with the rigours of traditional scholarship. The third panellist, PhD researcher Patricia O’Connor (UCC), will deliver a paper on “'Restricted Access: Researching Medieval Culture in Ireland's Digital Age”, which will discuss some of the challenges involved in conducting research into Anglo-Saxon manuscripts in Ireland. All three papers will address profound changes not just in the way that we access information and conduct primary research as medievalists, but in the way that we understand the discipline.
Irish Research Council