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Multidisciplinary Project
COSCH e-Bulletin 2015
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Cultural Heritage, Spatial, Spectral, 3D, Visualisation, Representation
Colour and Space in Cultural Heritage (COSCH) fosters international collaboration in the area of documentation of material cultural heritage. The main objective is to enhance methods of recording objects for conservation and study through applications of digital, optical, spatial and spectral technologies. Researchers participating in COSCH seek to develop solutions to questions that have not been fully resolved, such as simultaneous measurement of colour and shape or the wider use of specialist technologies. This issue is primarily devoted to techniques that support examination, documentation and display of historic paintings. A number of non-invasive, electronic imaging methods are covered, including open-source solutions and portable technologies that can be brought to the object, thus minimising transportation of works of art.
Hochschule Mainz
Anna Bentkowska-Kafel and Orla Murphy
ISSN 2409-9503
COSCH Bulletin 2, 2015
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