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Ní Ríordáin, Máire; Flanagan, Eílis; Brilly, Claire
10th Congress of European Research in Mathematics Education
Ensuring methodological rigor for investigating the discourse development of bilingual mathematics learners
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Methodology Methods Bilingualism Discourse Framework
Thérèse Dooley & Ghislaine Gueudet,
Dublin, Ireland
Given the nature of investigating bilingual mathematics learners and learning environments, a key concern is how we can ensure that the rigor of our research is matched by the rigor of methodological frameworks and approaches employed. Our goal is to develop a theoretical framework and associated methodology and methods, in practice, in order to ascertain their suitability for investigating bilingual mathematics learners in an educational context. Moschkovich (2016) identified four key recommendations for conducting research on language: utilising interdisciplinary approaches, defining central constructs, building on existing methodologies, and recognizing central distinctions. Utilising Moschkovich’s framework, this paper provides an appraisal of the methodology and methods to be employed in a research project examining bilingual mathematics learners.
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