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McCarthy, N. A., Wijayanti, H. B., Crowley, S. V., OMahony, J. A., and Fenelon, M. A.
International Dairy Journal
Pilot-scale ceramic membrane filtration of skim milk for the production of a 'humanised' protein base ingredient for infant milk formula
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Protein Human milk Filtration
The protein composition of bovine skim milk was modified using pilot scale membrane filtration to produce a whey protein-dominant ingredient with a casein profile closer to human milk. Bovine skim milk was processed at low (8.9 C) or high (50 C) temperature using ceramic microfiltration (MF) membranes (0.1 μm mean pore diameter). The resulting permeate stream was concentrated using polyethersulfone ultrafiltration (UF) membranes (10 kDa cut-off). The protein profile of MF and UF retentate streams were determined using reversed phase-high performance liquid chromatography and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Permeate from the cold MF process (8.9 C) had a casein:whey protein ratio of ∼35:65 with no αS- or κ-casein present, compared with a casein:whey protein ratio of ∼10:90 at 50 C. This study has demonstrated the application of cold membrane filtration (8.9 C) at pilot scale to produce a dairy ingredient with a protein profile closer to that of human milk.
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