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Anderson, J., Di Blasi, Z., Murphy, M.
Psychology, Health and Medicine Conference
Investigating the possible placebo effect of consuming pre-workout and the effect on powerlifting performance.
Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin.
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Background: Sport drinks and pre-work-out supplements are becoming increasingly popular among gym users. This study aims to examine the relationship between the use of a popular pre-workout drink compared with placebo on levels of performance in weightlifting. Method: In this placebo-controlled double-blind randomized controlled experiment, powerlifters will be randomly assigned to a common pre-workout drink or to a credible placebo control condition. The study will take place in one of two gyms, in the South of Ireland, with experienced weight-lifters. Results: Each participant will perform two powerlifting compound movements -the squat and bench-press - at baseline and following either the pre-workout or the placebo solution. Beliefs about the pre-workout drink and placebo will be assessed pre-and post-intervention. A vitality scale will also be used to assess general energy levels at both time points. Debriefing will be conducted at a one week follow up, assessing the effects of placebo unmasking at trial closure. Conclusion: This trial has been approved by the Social Research Ethics Committee, in accordance with the Psychological Society of Irelandís code of ethics and will be completed in March 2017.