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Retreat from Globalisation? Brexit, Trump and the New Populism
Annual Conference of the International Affairs Standing Committee, RIA
Academy House, Royal Irish Academy
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The conference was organised to discuss contemporary developments and answer key questions: Is globalisation under threat? Has it both provoked and facilitated a potentially dangerous reaction? Has it released new interconnected domestic and international forces? Are we seeing a new clash between “patriots” and “globalists”? Might these dynamics result in deglobalisation? The rise of populism seems to highlight the existence of a crisis of democracy. It also challenges human rights and the rule of law. Have economic changes undermined social stability in major states leading to the resurgence of nationalism and identity-based politics? Are we in a new age of disruption and polarisation where the traditional sponsors of multilateralism and globalisation, America in particular, are withdrawing from the liberal international order? Growing socio-economic inequality, the implications of ICT (for media, discourse, politics and international affairs), the Fourth Industrial Revolution (automation), geo-economic shifts (to the Asia-Pacific), shifting balances of power, the Great Recession, the apparent rise of plutocrats, fears of terrorism and many more variables play roles in generating anxiety and disruption. Are Trump, Brexit and populism symptoms of broader phenomena associated with globalisation? Will the elections in France, the Netherlands and Germany in 2017 force globalisation to retreat in the face of authoritarian, right-wing and anti-immigration politics? Is this process simply occurring in western democracies or is it a global occurrence? Conference objective The objective of this conference is to consider recent landmark events and the uncertainties that arise from them in wider, deeper and longer frameworks of analysis. Country experts, foreign policy experts/professionals, economists, sociologists, media studies experts, geographers, lawyers, political scientists, historians, social scientists and many others will be able to offer useful insights.
RIA; Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade; UCC School of History;