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Marshall, Sarah; Sahm, Laura J.; Moore, Anne C.
Microneedle technology for immunisation: Perception, acceptability and suitability for paediatric use
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Acceptability Immunisation Microneedle Paediatric Perception
OBJECTIVE: To examine published research which explores the perception and acceptability of microneedle technology for immunisation and to investigate the suitability of this technology for paediatric use. METHODS: A series of keywords and their synonyms were combined in various combinations and permutations using Boolean operators to sequentially search four databases (PubMed, Web of Science, Embase and CINAHL). Following removal of duplications and irrelevant results, 12 research articles were included in the final literature review. RESULTS: The opinions of patients, parents, children and healthcare professionals (HCP) were collated. A positive perception and a high level of acceptability predominated. CONCLUSION: Microneedle technology research has been focussed on demonstrating efficacy with minimal focus on determining HCP/public perception and acceptability for paediatric use, exemplified by the paucity of studies presented in this review. Commercial viability will depend on HCP/public acceptability of microneedle technology. An effort must be made to identify the barriers to acceptance and to overcome them by increasing awareness and education in stakeholder groups pertaining to the paediatric population.
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