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Loi, Ruggero; O'Callaghan, James; Roycroft, Brendan; Robert, Cedric; Fecioru, Alin; Trindade, Antonio Jose; Gocalinska, Agnieszka; Pelucchi, Emanuele; Bower, Christopher A.; Corbett, Brian
IEEE Photonics Journal
Transfer Printing of AlGaInAs/InP Etched Facet Lasers to Si Substrates
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III-V semiconductors Aluminium compounds Annealing Elemental semiconductors Etching Gallium compounds Indium compounds Integrated optics Optical fabrication Quantum well lasers Silicon AlGaInAs-InP SOI Si Si substrates Butt coupling Efficient thermal sinking Etched facet ridge lasers Evaporation Heterogeneous integration Highly dense pitch Laser coupon fabrication Laser epitaxial structure Microtransfer printing Optical C-band Polymer Resist anchoring system Selective etching Silicon-on-insulator Temperature 300 degC III-V semiconductor materials Indium gallium arsenide Indium phosphide Lasers Substrates Waveguide lasers Fabrication and characterization. Infrared lasers Optical devices Photonic materials Engineered photonic structures
InP-etched facet ridge lasers emitting in the optical C-band are heterogeneously integrated on Si substrates by microtransfer printing for the first time. 500 μm 60 μm laser coupons are fabricated with a highly dense pitch on the native InP substrate. The laser epitaxial structure contains a 1-μm-thick InGaAs sacrificial layer. A resist anchoring system is used to restrain the devices while they are released by selectively etching the InGaAs layer with FeCl3:H2O (1:2) at 8 C. Efficient thermal sinking is achieved by evaporating Ti-Au on the Si target substrate and annealing the printed devices at 300 C. This integration strategy is particularly relevant for lasers being butt coupled to polymer or silicon-on-insulator (SOI) waveguides.
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