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Mandatory Fields
Manfred Schewe;
2005 January
Training Manual for Theatre Work in Social Fields
Theatre Work (in social fields) (eds.)
Brandes & Apsel
Frankfurt am Main
Optional Fields
This is the second in a series of specialist handbooks to emerge from the EU-sponsored TWISFER-network (Theatre work in Social Fields - European Research). UCC became a TWISFER partner institution in April 2004 when Dr Manfred Schewe and Bernadette Cronin, hosted a partner's meeting at the Granary Theatre with delegates from Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Romania, Italy and the UK. The main purpose of this meeting was to present the work-in-progress on theatre modules being carried out in the different European countries with various socially disadvantaged groups. These module-projects have since been completed and documented in this handbook in such a manner as to allow theatre pedagogues to use them as a set of practical guidelines for similar projects in their own fields. The modules involve theatre work with the elderly, people with special needs, migrants, the homeless, young offenders, and families who are marginalised in society. 
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