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Blackshields, Caroline A.; Crean, Abina M.
Pharmaceutical Development And Technology
Continuous powder feeding for pharmaceutical solid dosage form manufacture: a short review
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Continuous manufacturing Loss-in-weight feeding Pharmaceutical powder properties
There has been a noticeable shift from pharmaceutical batch processing towards a more continuous mode of manufacture for solid oral dosage forms. Continuous solid oral dose processes would not be possible in the absence of a highly accurate feeding system. The performance of feeders defines the content of formulations and is therefore a critical operation in continuous manufacturing of solid dosage forms. It was the purpose of this review to review the role of the initial powder feeding step in a continuous manufacturing process. Different feeding mechanisms are discussed with a particular emphasis on screw controlled loss in weight (LIW) feeding. The importance of understanding the physical properties of the raw materials and its impact on the feeding process is reviewed. Prior knowledge of materials provides an initial indication of how the powders will behave through processing and facilitates in the selection of the most suitable (i) feeder (capacity), (ii) feeding mechanism, and (iii) in the case of screw feeder - screw type. The studies identified in this review focus on the impact of material on powder feeding performance.
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Enterprise Ireland