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Christos K. Filelis-Papadopoulos, George Gravvanis, John P. Morrison
Proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Next generation of Cloud Architectures
CloudLightning Simulation and Evaluation Roadmap
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CloudLightning Simulation and Evaluation Roadmap
The CloudLightning (CL) system, designed in the frame of the CloudLightning project, is a service-oriented architecture for the emerging large scale heterogeneous cloud. It facilitates a clear distinction between service-lifecyle management and resource-lifecycle management. This separation of concerns is used to make resource management issues tractable at scale and to enable functionality that is currently not naturally covered by the cloud paradigm. In particular, the CL project seeks to maximize computational efficiency of the cloud in a number of specific ways; by exploiting prebuilt HPC environments, by dynamically building HPC instances, by improving server utilization, by reducing power consumption and by improving service delivery. Given the scale and complexity of this project, its utility can presently only be measured through simulation. This paper outlines the parameters, constraints and limitation being considered as part of the design and construction of that simulation environment. CloudLightning Simulation and Evaluation Roadmap. Available from: [accessed Jun 28, 2017].
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