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Dapeng Dong ; Huanhuan Xiong and John Morrison
CLOSER, 775-780, 2017, Porto, Portugal
Separation of Concerns in Heterogeneous Cloud Environments
In Press
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ervice Management, Resource Management, Cloud, HPC
The majority of existing cloud service management frameworks implement tools, APIs, and strategies for managing the lifecycle of cloud applications and/or resources. They are provided as a self-service interface to cloud consumers. This self-service approach implicitly allows cloud consumers to have full control over the management of applications as well as the underlying resources such as virtual machines and containers. This subsequently narrows down the opportunities for Cloud Service Providers to improve resource utilization, power efficiency and potentially the quality of services. This work introduces a service management framework centred around the notion of Separation of Concerns. The proposed service framework addresses the potential conflicts between cloud service management and cloud resource managment while maximizing user experience and cloud efficiency on each side. This is particularly useful as the current homogeneous cloud is evolving to include heterogeneous resou
CLOSER, ISBN 978-989-758-243-1, pages 775-780. DOI: 10.5220/0006385507750780
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European Commission
Horizon 2020 Cloud Lightning