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Theo Lynn ; Huanhuan Xiong ; Dapeng Dong 2 ; Bilal Momani 2 ; George Gravvanis 3 ; Christos Filelis-Papadopoulos 3 ; Anne Elster 4 ; Malik Muhammad Zaki Murtaza Khan 4 ; Dimitrios Tzovaras 5 ; Konstantinos Giannoutakis 5 ; Dana Petcu 6 ; Marian Neagul 6 ; Ioan Dragan 6 ; Perumal Kuppudayar 7 ; Suryanarayanan Natarajan 7 ; Michael McGrath 7 ; Georgi Gaydadjiev 8 ; Tobias Becker 8 ; Anna Gourinovitch; David Kenny and John Morrison .
CLOSER 2016 International Conference on Cloud Computing and Services Science
CLOUDLIGHTNING: A Framework for a Self-organising and Self-managing Heterogeneous Cloud.
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Cloud Computing Models, Cloud Infrastructures, Cloud Architecture, Cloud Computing, Cloud Services Self-organisation, Self-management, Heterogeneous Resources, Resource as a Service, Cloud Orchestration, Data Flow Engine, Many-integrated Cores, MIC, GPU, FPGA, DFE
As clouds increase in size and as machines of different types are added to the infrastructure in order to maximize performance and power efficiency, heterogeneous clouds are being created. However, exploiting different architectures poses significant challenges. To efficiently access heterogeneous resources and, at the same time, to exploit these resources to reduce application development effort, to make optimisations easier and to simplify service deployment, requires a re-evaluation of our approach to service delivery. We propose a novel cloud management and delivery architecture based on the principles of self-organisation and self-management that shifts the deployment and optimisation effort from the consumer to the software stack running on the cloud infrastructure. Our goal is to address inefficient use of resources and consequently to deliver savings to the cloud provider and consumer in terms of reduced power consumption and improved service delivery, with hyperscale systems
ISBN 978-989-758-182-3
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European Commission
Horizon 2020 Cloud Lightning