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Hurley, Emma and Murphy, Raegan
2018 Unknown
Advances in Mediated Learning Experience: Technology, Neuroscience and Socio-pedagogic perspectives.
Integrated Social Learning theory and Life Space Dynamic Assessment and the Integrated Social Learning Theory
Cengage Learning Asia
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idiographic measurement; mediated learning experience; dynamic assessment; Integrated Social Learning Theory
This chapter is concerned with issues of idiographic measurement, particularly in the context of the mediated learning experience (MLE) or dynamic assessment intervention (DA). Integrated Social Learning Theory (ISLT) was developed primarily as a result of observations of deficits in DA (Hurley, 2013) and in other words, through ‘doing’, mediated learning intervention research studies.
Professor Tan Oon-Seng - National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. • Dr Chua Bee Leng - As above Isabella Wong Yuen Fun – As above
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